Hunters Finest Boerewors

Hunters Boerewors is available in a variety of sizes and flavours that will suit every palate, this coarse farmer sausage is rather meaty and can be cooked on a Braai (BBQ) or in a pan / Oven.  There are a combination of meat mixes which include Beef, Beef and Pork or Beef Pork and Lamb.

We use natural Hog or cologne casings with a Gluten free option available.

Boerewors Flavours:
Safari • Cederberg • Chakalaka Boerewors
Homestyle Boerewors • Cheese Boerewors • Peri Peri Boerewors
Chutney Boerewors • Garlic Boerewors

Packaging Options: Vacuum Bag / Wrapped Punnet
Product Options:  Boerewors Rolls / Sausage Pieces for Boerewors Rolls
Packaging Weights: 500g – 1kg Rolls / 160g Pieces x 10 per pack