Biltong Seasoning

1kg – Original Biltong Spice
2kg – Hunters Biltong Seasoning
1kg – Chilli Bite Seasoning (Hot)
1kg – Hunters Chilli Biltong Seasoning
1kg – Hunters Seasoning NO MSG
1kg – Jagveld Biltong Seasoning

Drywors / Droewors Seasoning

1.1kg – Plaaslekker Droewors Complete Spice
1kg – FH Original Droewors Complete Spice
1kg – Hunters Peri Peri Droewors
1kg – Hunters Garlic Droewors
1kg – Hunters Chilli Garlic

Boerewors Seasoning

1kg – Hunters Safari Boerewors Complete Spice
1.1kg – Cederberg Boerewors Complete Spice
1.1kg – Homestyle Boerewors Complete Spice
2kg – Chakalaka Boerewors Complete Spice
1kg – Ossewa Boerewors Complete Spice
1kg – Drakensburg Boerewors Complete Spice
600g – GM Kasegriller Complete Spice
500g – Sosatie Wors Complete Pack
1.2kg – Russian Montana Complete Spice
1kg – Sosatie Quick Mix Marinade

Biltong Equipment

Table / floor Mounted Biltong Slicers
Industrial Biltong Slicers
Meat Cutters
Industrial Biltong Dryers
Stainless Steel Biltong Drying Racks
with drip trays (Dry up to 350kgs)
Stainless Steel Biltong Display racks
Stainless Steel tables
Plastic and Stainless Steel Biltong Hooks
Industrial Dehumidifiers
Extractor fans


Gold / Silver Vacuum pouches, Printed pouches
Oxygen Absorbers
Biltong bag Sealing Machines
Drainage Systems

Everything Biltong is just a phone call away.


Biltong Spices and Biltong Manufacturing Equipment